Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keychains!!! YAY!

Alrighty. so i decided we were going to do the giveaway drawing old school style. i wrote everyone's user name on a little piece of paper and folded it up real tiny like and put them all in a hat. (i thought i would be more exciting for hazel this way.)
she was definitely excited, she really didn't want to stop at two, but i had to draw the line somewhere.
the two names she pulled out were.......


I have emailed our lovely winners, and i have to say i think its karma that hazel pulled Jessi's name out of the hat. I bought a doll from her a few months back for hazel. Her name is Agnes and she has to be the cutest doll ever. Hazel and I love her so much.
Here is a picture of Agnes. You really need to stop by her blog and Etsy shop. so cute.
simplijessi bloggy blog

I will definitely be doing more giveaways, so check back! who knows what it will be next time. Thanks to everyone who participated :)


Jessi said...

Oh Tina!!! Imagine my surprise! You + Hazel are the best. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

oh i love agnes...

can't wait to see her again!


PastelGuy said...


I've been thinking about joinging the ranks (apparently I'd be a vast minority) on Etsy, but I wasn't sure with all the competition. ...But I think you convinced me to give it a try. My kids love your little trees!

Pastel Guy

Tara said...

Yay! I just got my tree in the mail! I love it! It's fantastic and lovely! Thank you! I will definitely be sporting a Hi Tree button! :-)

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