Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Guacamole.

Sorry this isn't a post about my top secret guacamole recipe. that for another day :)
This has been one awesome week. Featured Sellerdom (yeah i know its not a word, but im making it one right now) has been beyond words. I got a lot of love, here on my blog and through etsy convos. I cant even express how wonderful it has been.

Im staying up late every night to get these orders out. AND i finally scored my first wholesale order. woohoo. Its about time!

I just want to say that my top priority was to respond to ever convo i received. I dont think i missed any one, but if i did, i apologize, but certainly read ever single one. I had a lot of really interesting questions and i thought it would be kinda fun to answer them publicly.
like, what kind of sewing machine do you use?

Personally i like this question, because my sewing machine is a total sleeper. You might never have known it was so awesome if i never told you. Her name it betsy, i have had her for 3 years this christmas. I have beat the living daylight out of her. All us craft people know what felt does to a sewing machine. Its just not good, at all.
Are you ready for the shocker......

Betsy came form Target. Yup. Target. ill say it again Target. Forget spending $1000 on a bernina (ok yeah they are great) but not everyone can drop a G on a sewing machine. Betsy cost a mer $300. She is computerized and does 300 stitches including 3 different fonts. yup. So what is she you ask? She is a Euro-Pro Shark Intelli-Sew. Cheeeeeeesy name i know, but she rocks it.

So thats all from me right now, i need to get back to betsy. Lots of sewing to do.
Ill elaborate further on the other interesting questions i got in my next post.
meanwhile, heres betsy. (and my new laptop, my first mac, im in love)


Jacqueline Mellars Granados Pollard said...

Just Awesome! Glad to know you can beat some felt into beauty with a Target sewing machine. Been in the market, so that's a help to me. ;)

I am one of many, that has been enjoying the heck out of your creations. It has been great to read about your "Nugget", and the inspiration she's played for you. Especially since I am a Mother, to a "Goose", and can relate to that endearment.

Praise to you and your success! Look forward to your Blog-posts.

Sarah Madeline said...

good job on everything! I dig the trees!

Crysto said...

CONGRATS!! Featured seller is great, but whole sale is fantastic too!
Love the machine. Mines a basic model kenmore, and I had hoped (Kenny) would eventually die so I could get one that was computerized yet the impression I get from the sewing world is that kenmore's live forever.. Ah well, Kenny and me for life.. :o)

sarah d. morris said...

lovely creations! I was a fan as soon as I saw your page!

Thanks for sharing about your machine - I really want a sewing machine. I am in love with Viking but they are so expensive for a good model that has a variety of stitches. I will definitely check this brand out.

I just started a new blog and I am going to link you!

*M* said...

Congrats on your wholesale order! High five!

Betsy sounds super rad. My sewing machine is named Berthe. She sews a lot of dinosaurs, robots and vintage patterned dresses. You gotta love the diversity of a sewing machine. :)

Multifarious By Design said...

oooh, I just got a new mac a couple of months ago... I know! Congratulations on all your success! I love your trees!

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