Friday, March 27, 2009

we have a winner

SO we had 22 entries total (i had a few enter on my facebook) everyone was assigned a random number in no specific order, then i used the Random Integer Generator to pick the winner of the lovely leafy earrings.

So Dee from our little love nest was the lucky one! i would go play the lottery if i were you! please email me your address :) and congratulations!

doesn't mr. giant giant sequoia look so cute on the pretty blue wall!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

giveaway time again!!!

this time ill be giving away a pair of these new lovely leafy earrings.

This time a round i will announce the winner on friday at 12:00 noon pacific time. SO, to enter the drawing leave a comment below!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

so it looks like......

option 1 won. that was seriously a close vote, what would i have done if they tied!
i really really appreciate all of your input. and another thank you to trudesign for designing such an awesome logo for me!

so anyways. this week im working on a new owl design. i need to get that looking as tight as the trees!
next up on the chopping block for a re-design is mr. giant sequoia. ive been looking at him and seeing many ways in which he can improve. so that is just what i will be doing.
things are slow in etsy land right now! or is it just me? :)
here are some new one of a kind things i have recently made and added to the shop- im at 3 pages now. woot!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i need your help!

justin and i have been working on a redesign of but we have hit a bump- we cant decide which design to go with. so this is where you come in. i need some feedback! so below are 3 options.
i would really appreciate some feedback comments! thank you in advance!

option 1:

option 2:

option 3:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

more new stuff!

boy have i been a machine lately.
i dont really have much to say except that, this saturday night is the north east los angeles art walk. come by the studio if you live in the area!
i am located in the Ave 50 Studio at 131 north ave 50 in highland park. art walk is from 7-10pm. There are 3 other artists (like she rides the lion)in the building and an art gallery. so there will be plenty of food, wine and geeks like us crafty folk. the ave 50 studio is also hosting a curated fiber arts show. lots of fun stuff going on!

Monday, March 2, 2009

new new!

well, i have been sooo busy making new stuff!!! i went a little crazy with the button making, but i wanted to make some more affordable things. i really love all these new little guys. i was in a little bit of a creative funk a few weeks ago and im so glad to finally be out of it.
so head on over to the ol etsy shop and take a look! there are tons of different colors and types.

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