Friday, June 12, 2009

We Chirp!

Some exciting things going on here today. Seriously though, no really.
2 new hi tree "fanny packs" fresh of the sewing machine. woot!
2 new styles of totes. and let me just take a second to say that clearly my creativity has been taking me in some new directions lately and i have been enjoying it very much. i cant wait to see what happens next.

This Saturday night is the North East Los Angeles art walk! That means my studio will be wide open for all to come in. The show going up in the gallery is looking really great! and also in the annex my good buddy Joseph Botello is having a solo show, 100 Faces.
We will be open from 7 to 10pm @ 131 N. ave 50 in Highland Park 90042

ALSO, and that is a big also, We Chirp is doing a hi tree giveaway this week. Head on over there and see what you have to do to get a cute little bitty maple tree. so sweet and squishy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we have a giveaway winner!

the winner of the lovely little oak leaf earrings is Sari P! congrats!
I have to apologize for posting the winner much later in the day than i usually do, today was a busy day!
Sari, please email me your address!

isnt the little humming bird so sweet?! he lives outside my studio. he is just a baby!

Friday, June 5, 2009

hard decisions....

So today, i made this, with the intention of putting it in my etsy shop. and, well. i put it on to take pictures and take it for a test drive and well, after about 30 seconds of thought, i decided that the only thing there was left to was to keep it on.... forever.
Im keeping it. but i am so excited about it and i really wanted to share it! so here it is!

!!!!! dont forget about the giveaway going on down below in the previous post!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i feel a giveaway coming on....

well hello,
how are you? good? oh, im so glad to hear that. I am doing quite well myself. did you see the article about hi tree? no? oh, well here it is . isn't it lovely!? whats going on over here you ask? well, I am getting ready for the nela art walk that is coming up on second saturday, that is always fun. I just got my lovely crib bumper back from pregnancy and newborn magazine.
now i just need to figure out what im going to do with it!
I just completed a 4 foot tall giant giant giant sequoia, he is so lovely. i promise ill have pictures of him up soon. He will be making some appearances around town in the next few months.
Oh! i dont want to forget to mention that ill be at Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles. woot! im very excited to be participating in the first ever here in lala land. Its going to be so fun!
Any how, if you know anyone that would like a cheap but awesome computerized sewing machine, im selling mine for $150. Its super duper awesome but its time for a upgrade! yay!! so anyway, thats all for now, i need to get back to work! This week ill be posting some all new, one of a kind totes! by the way, thank you to all who voted in my little poll!

enough of that, here are the giveaway details: I will be giving away a pair of small oak leaf earrings. you know the drill, leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing! i will announce the winner on tuesday june 9th.

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