Monday, September 21, 2009

Its my birthday. Giveaway!

ooooookay. so here is the deal. its fall equinox and my birthday week, my favorite time of the year!
so to celebrate i want to try something new:

here is the deal.
i will be giving away 2 of these lovely new autumn maple trees!
here are the many ways to enter the giveaway:

{&hearts} copy paste the following message into your twitter (if you have one): one entry for every tweet you send!
@hitree GIVEAWAY-its my birthday! 2 felt autumn maple trees! PLUS 15% off entire store. &

{&hearts} pick one item from my shop that you love the most and post it to your facebook. (or of course you could just post the whole shop)

{&hearts} blog about my birthday/ fall equinox sale and get 2 entries into the giveaway! {edited to clarify} you can just blog about my shop in general, not specific to blogging about the sale. :)

{&hearts} etc...... any other way of getting the word out, gets an entry.

finally, when you have maxed out your possible entry points, post a comment below and tell me what you did! ill keep track of everything. if you need to post multiple comments over the week, have at it.

on my birthday, friday september 25th i will announce the 2 winners of the sweet little trees :)
now go!

oh one more thing! check out the new new tree :)
just in time for christmas!


rachel b said...

I totally tweeted.
( )

I MUST win a tree!!

Sylvanus Urban said...

I tweeted ( and posted on Facebook (facebook ID on request -- I'd rather not post it publicly). Such cute little trees!

dinkinflicka said...

I tweeted!

Happy Birthday

olivefarm said...

I blogged! woot woot!

A tree would make me oh so happy & i hope you were spoiled rotten on your birthday =)

hi tree! said...

yay!!! you girls are awesome!!!
oh, yeah, i will just trust everyone on the fb posting....
thank you thank you!

Wenchie said...

Tweeted the giveaway, Followed you on twitter, why I wasn't following before baffles me, and posted about your shop on facebook ^_^

allie said...

I need a hitree! The little hitree button is getting lonely all by itself... so i MUST win a tree! ;)

I tweeted your little giveaway!


thelittlereddoor said...

I tweeted :) thanks for hosting such a nice contest!

Sonia said...

Hi Tina. I posted your Etsy shop on my facebook. I like all of your creations so much. I would love to hang a tree of yours on my wall! Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow and thank you for making a contest for us :)

shannon said...

hi <3. i posted from my new twitter + my boyfriends cuz his is more established than mine :) glasspipes & heartfern . so happy with your new pouches! i know i'm going to love it. i still love my burlap pouch from months ago. and my other one! :)

Indigo Arts said...

I have LOVED your work for a long time! So glad I just added you on Twitter and saw this contest! (You've been on my top Etsy favs for 2+ years! I just have no money)

I tweeted you on twitter (

And I posted a link to Hi Mr Oak Tree (which I'll never be able to afford but have drooled over for 2+ years) on Facebook.

Looking forward to new work! -Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi! New customer, just bought the tape measure a few seconds ago.

I Tweeted! (

I blogged! ( My blog is private but I will gladly add you to the list if you'd like to see the posting.

I facebooked!!

Thanks for the giveaway, this is FUN! I soooooo luuuuuvs me some trees!!!!!!!

Wenchie said...

I also blogged about the sale in your shop and the giveaway.

Rachel said...

Since today is your actual birthday I thought I'd pop back in and say HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Molly Kate said...

I blogged about your autumn trees today before i even saw your giveaway! I LOVE THEM SO!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



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