Wednesday, September 9, 2009

alright alright alright

well hello there, how are you? what is that you say? you thought i was dead? why? because i haven't done a blog post in forever? oh, yeah, sorry about that. ive been too busy making new stuff!

this saturday night, if you live in the los angeles area, please come by the black maria gallery, i will be doing an installation on the project wall. nice stuff!

look, fall stuff! yay!

so now for the goods. as we all know i took a lovely camping trip to sequoia national forest. it was so beautiful, one of the things that stuck out to me the most was the dead and still standing giant sequoias. they had moss growing all over them and it was soooo pretty. so here is the hi tree version of what i like to call, mr. sad sequoia. (he is sad, because he is dead, if it is possible to be sad and dead at the same time)

ok ok ok. then there is this dude. he is sort of my replacement for THE big tree. (you know, the 8 foot tall missing since january in the mail tree) he is half the size of the big guy, but he is just as lovely.


Jessyca said...

I just saw this blog by random. Really surprise to see all this fine creative art ^ ^

I love green, so lets us keep the Green

chinamommy said...

Love the moss!!!!
chinamommy (misschell)

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