Friday, October 8, 2010

NELA art walk and shipping changes!

Helllo! Tomorrow is saturday, but it isn't just Saturday, it is SECOND SATURDAY! yaaayyyyy!!
That means its time for the North East Los Angeles art walk.
This month (as well as every month) you can find me at the She Rides The Lion studio located behind the Avenue 50 studio. Some of you may remember a time when i had my studio at the Avenue 50 Studio, well i can't stay away from that place i love it far too much (it also helps that i live around the corner). So, If you live in or near  Highland Park come by and say hi! If you mention this blog post, that will get you 15% off your purchase, yaaayyyy!

On to other news, as you may know, i have been offering free domestic shipping in my Etsy shop, WELL rolling into the holiday season, free domestic shipping is coming to an end!! I will begin changing my listings on Friday October 15th. So Take advantage of it while its still in effect!!

Be sure to check out my other blog on tumblr! its super silly.

Also, here is a map of the NELA art walk, its one of the best art walks in los angeles!
Hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!


Campfire Chic said...

Do you live in that area? I grew up/my parents live where the 210 and the 2 meet! That's so close to where you'll be and I've never heard of this. I'm so out of the loop...

hi tree! said...

wow!!! the internet is SUCH a small world! i totally live right near there, sounds like they live in la canada? or montrose? i live just down the mountain in highland park.... come check out the art walk!!

Campfire Chic said...

You know the area well! My parents are still there, I'm living in Orange County right now.

I'd come visit but my mister is feeling under the weather :/

Will you be there next month?

hi tree! said...

awww its totally that time of the year.... :/

yes! i am there every month! definitely come check it out when you have the chance. there are a lot of new art galleries in the area that are doing some pretty awesome things. this month, a gallery around the corner (future studio) is yarn-bombing figueroa st. so all of the light poles and parking meters will be wearing sweaters!

i used to work at a little shop called baby cakes up there in la canada on foothill, i really like that neighborhood! it doesn't feel like your in los angeles up there :)

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