Friday, June 5, 2009

hard decisions....

So today, i made this, with the intention of putting it in my etsy shop. and, well. i put it on to take pictures and take it for a test drive and well, after about 30 seconds of thought, i decided that the only thing there was left to was to keep it on.... forever.
Im keeping it. but i am so excited about it and i really wanted to share it! so here it is!

!!!!! dont forget about the giveaway going on down below in the previous post!


Violet said...

Whoa... this is gorgeous!!!! You have to start selling these in your Etsy shop, and even the little zipper pouches on their own too.. I NEED them lol =)

chinamommy said...

yowzaaaa! that is COOL & the colors... i am in LOVE with them!
one of your "followers"
~misschell of chinamommy

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