Thursday, March 12, 2009

more new stuff!

boy have i been a machine lately.
i dont really have much to say except that, this saturday night is the north east los angeles art walk. come by the studio if you live in the area!
i am located in the Ave 50 Studio at 131 north ave 50 in highland park. art walk is from 7-10pm. There are 3 other artists (like she rides the lion)in the building and an art gallery. so there will be plenty of food, wine and geeks like us crafty folk. the ave 50 studio is also hosting a curated fiber arts show. lots of fun stuff going on!


Dee Larson said...

Wonderful creativity! Adoring the
oak leaves. Love being inspired by your blog. Thanks so much. If it is okay with you we would love to do a little post on you in our "People we heart Thursdays" if that would be cool with you.
Don and Dee(from "our little love nest" blog

threemoonbabies said...

Love the leaves!

Rebecca said...

Tina, I must have these. Next time I see you, bring a pair and I will bring my check book! Or maybe I can schlep my ass to the studio....

Wenchie said...

Those are fantastic! If I'm not in OC on Sat I will swing by the artwalk!

hi tree! said...

hey! thanks! dee- i would love for you to include me in your blog ! thank you!

threemoon; thank you!

becca: you crack me up. how about shleppin your ass down to art walk. :) or better yet: have bear and the girls go hang out with hazel and justin at my house and you come hang with us and get your wine on. booya

Sarah Madeline said...

i love the leaf earrings!!! they are so cute!!!

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