Friday, February 20, 2009

big sale

this weekend (friday- sunday) I am having a 30% off everything sale!
get it while its cheap(er) :)

meanwhile, i cant seem to locate my camera charger..... so i have no new pictures to show :(
but i have been working in my new studio and it is just wonderful to have my own space! i call it my happy place.
if you have seen my charger wandering about, tell it to go home already. it is missed dearly.
hope all of you have a happy happy day. maybe commit a random act of kindness for someone that may really need a smile.


Vivianna said...

Have not seen charger here in San Francisco but will ask my charger if hes seen her/him :D

Happy Friday

Wenchie said...

No cam charger here =/ but I will be showing off the bumper goodness at my baby shower this Sunday =D so I will let everyone know about the sale! Sadly I still don't have a crib to take pics of it in yet =(

hi tree! said...

that darn charger! he needs to show himself!
thanks ladies :)

vivianna said...

i added you to my " 1o things I love on a friday" :D

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