Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have been so busy since the show last weekend. Its been great. For the sake of not rambling on and on ill do a cliffs notes version.
--4 Shops officially carry Hi Tree stuff...
1. Big Red Sun
222 Bernard Ave. Venice, Ca 90291
2. In-Betweens
151-0062 9-6 Motoyoyogi-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan
3. Twist
46 Jobs Lane. Southhampton, NY 11968
4. Priti Organic Spa (she has some button rings)
35 East 1st St. Ny, Ny 10003
Pretty awesome! The Green Market was a little slow, so i was pretty much making stuff most the time. Here is my booth and a sweater that i kitted for my engagement ring.

Also, new Hi Tree tote! i finally started making the giant sequoia on a smaller scale. Watch out for a little itty bitty giant sequoia plush comming soon!

This week im trying to finish up my wholesale orders, then saturday i fly out to Jacksonville for the installation at the burrito .

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Jacqueline M.G. Pollard said...

JAPAN! Totally awesome! You've gone global. :D

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