Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new chapter

I have to admit that these last few weeks have been a little rough. I feel like im ready to move onto something bigger and better. My brain is tired of thinking about and making trees right now. By no means does that mean that i am done making them, no way. But I need to do something else for a while. I have some pretty cool ideas that i want to make happen in the next week or so, and by writing this im hoping it will motivate me a little more into getting them done, lately ive just been staring at my lonely sewing machine sitting over in the corner.
I sort of took a break after Lightning in a Bottle, i realllllly burnt myself out so quickly with that project. i think i made a years worth of trees in about 3 weeks. Im also trying to re think my work space. My house is so small (800 sq. ft.) that i am crammed in the corner of my living room with no storage and very little table space. i feel like that is half my problem. Doesnt make for a very good "creative" space.
I think ive been to ikea 3 times looking for a good solution to this problem and left with nothing. Damn that Ikea. i swear they used to make a sewing table and some other craft related storage items.
If anyone has any good ideas, im totally open, i need my space to be better.

On another note. i need some wholesale accounts to go down. as of right now the only store you can find my trees in is the one i work at. Baby Cakes ( in La Canada. and quite frankly they are pretty irrelevant to the shabby chick nurseries going on in there. Ive been sending out emails every day to places that i think they fit well into, but i have had no responses. I struggle with the email writing that goes along with this. Being the only employee at Baby Cakes i know how many emails my boss gets bombarded with on a daily basis of people trying to sell her stuff. she just ignores most of them.
Meanwhile i need to come up with a different way of doing this. its not working.

There it is, i needed to vent.

This picture is from this past weekend, my gettin down with my awesome glow hoop.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you get your hoops from?

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