Friday, January 28, 2011

Sewing Kits and Duval....

Happy new year everyone! As i am FINALLY settling back into my routine after the holidays I am happy to say I have some NEW items up in my shop!
There you will find the new re-designed tree stump pincushions and keychains (you can see the previous design in the last blog post from December) 
Be sure to get one soon! I must mark the price up a bit to make room for wholesale pricing as these will be shipping to shops around the country this season.  :)

tree stump pincushions

Each pin cushion comes with an ADORABLE vintage mushroom pin! Also sold separately for $3 each. :)

I am also super excited to offer a hi tree sewing kit! I've had this idea for quite some time and finally got my act together and made it happen. I am a hoarder of glass jars and had been looking for a good way to put them to use. I think i found it! The sewing kit comes with a stump pincushion, retractable tape measure and a mushroom pin, all inside a lovely jar perfect for stashing sewing supplies in. 

And of course, the hi tree stump keychains. The pictures do them no justice!

hi tree stump keychains

 Last but certainly not least we have the "Duval is for lovers 904" t-shirt handmade by the lovely Christina Danaee of
Now, I know most of you certainly aren't from
Jacksonville like I am. BUT I know my Jacksonville friends visit my blog on occasion, so I'm talking to YOU!
You may remember her from operation make HUGE 8 foot Giant Sequoia back in 2008. (Christina also happens to be my brother Josh's better half) She flew all the way out here to help me and I could not have pulled it off without her. Well, she is selling these t-shirts to raise money to fly back out to hi tree land again. This time we want to collaborate on making QUILTS!
Im sure we can find a plethora of other things to collaborate on while she is here. So Help this happen by purchasing a T-shirt! They are ONLY $9! We would pledge our undying love for you forever and ever and ever. You can find her shop here!

My ADORABLE brother modeling the lovely t-shirt. (yes, i know, were twins, can't you tell?) 

Thats all for now!

p.s. What do you think of my new blog layout/ background/ header? Are dead trees an appropriate background for the hi tree blog? :D


♥ nualan ♥ said...

great work!

Ashley Hasty said...

I'm new to your blog, I'm just now finding! I've been missing out! Those tree stump pincushions are the cutest pincushions I've ever seen. I just can't get over them!!

I'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog! It was a pleasure to *meet* you!

<3 Ashley
ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

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